Onik is the name for my family and close friends.
Trese is our vernacular for the number thirteen.
oniktrese is the sanctum of my ideals, be it fiction or non-fiction, relatable or non-relatable, in some way or another it will enkindle your thoughts...

1. April 2014

night has fallen a few hours afore. Then it struck me, the moon was full, round and golden full. The manner it hanged above the sea was splendid elegance  that it invokes a rare type of solemness, of solitude, of tranquility. 
And as I sat on the rough lime stones overlooking the  vast sea with the evening breeze gently cooling my face, I draw in a deep long breath. It has been ages since I’ve felt one with nature. With every bit of my senses, I was extraordinarily pulled into that moment. I was Gaia… Words digress the experience. Photos do no justice. Only the image in my memory embodies the occasion and it shall be forever preserved.

dessert some nights agovegan ice cream: frozen banana, walnuts, cocoa powder
Naarden fall 2011 l-r Jess, Eloise, Me
Naarden winter 2011 photo: Kyra edit: Eunice
Kotonoha no Niwa (THE GARDEN OF WORDS)
Narukami no sukoshi toyomite (a faint clap of thunder)
Sashi komori (clouded skies)
Ame mo furanu ka? (perhaps rain comes)
kimi wo todomemu (if so, will you stay here with me?)
Narukami no sukoshi toyomite (a faint clap of thunder)
Furazo to mo (even if rain comes not)
Warewa tomaramu (I will stay here)
Imoshi todomeba (together with you)
The Girl in the PictureI’ve just finished reading this book, a moving and fascinating account about one person and her family during the Vietnam war. It makes me cringe realizing how lucky I am and everyone close to me that we’ve never experienced the horror of a war torn country.

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy in the upcoming film Before Midnight (2013)

Best romantic movie ever!!!
my first self portrait